Advantage of Pravasi Chits

Chit is an indigenous source of finance, highly popular in Kerala. It is a hybrid product, which starts as a deposit and during its course turns into a loan. Pravasi Chitty is a unique online Chit with value additions offered by KSFE for Malayalee expatriates within India and abroad, in association with the Government of Kerala.

100% Trust
Safe Deposit
24 Hours Assistance

Salient Features of Pravasi Chit

  • Secured & Profitable Financial Product
  • Fully Online
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Customer Friendly Mobile App
  • Opportunity for participating in Kerala’s Infrastructure Development through KIIFB Projects..
  • Secure & Online payment of Chit installments.

Chit Subscription Options

InstallmentDurationChit Amount
₹2,50,00040 Months₹1,00,00,000
₹1,00,00060 Months₹60,00,000
₹1,25,00040 Months₹50,00,000
₹2,00,00025 Months₹50,00,000
₹50,00060 Months₹30,00,000
₹80,00025 Months₹20,00,000
₹30,00060 Months₹18,00,000
₹20,00050 Months₹10,00,000
₹25,00040 Months₹10,00,000
₹40,00025 Months₹10,00,000
₹16,00050 Months₹8,00,000
₹10,00060 Months₹6,00,000
₹20,00030 Months₹6,00,000
₹12,50040 Months₹5,00,000
₹20,00025 Months₹5,00,000
₹5,00060 Months₹3,00,000
₹10,00030 Months₹3,00,000
₹5,00040 Months₹2,00,000
₹8,00025 Months₹2,00,000
₹4,00025 Months₹1,00,000
₹2,50040 Months₹1,00,000

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