SINCE 1969

The Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited,
popularly known as KSFE.



A Miscellaneous Non-Banking Finance Company, fully owned by the Government of Kerala and a significant player in its resource mobilization. KSFE has been registering impressive profits every year since its inception in 1969 with a turnover of ₹500 Billion.

₹73000 Cr

Turn Over



KSFE Pravasi Chit

KSFE Pravasi Chitty is a unique financial savings scheme introduced for the welfare of Malayalees living outside Kerala. It’s many things, under a single scheme. It is a chitty scheme with insurance coverage and a pension plan. It has an online portal and a mobile application that allows you to join chits, pay instalments, and take part in chit auction from anywhere, anytime. It also gives NRK’s, an opportunity to partake in the overall infrastructural development of the State. Moreover, the Pravasi Chits also has many features that make it a unique financial saving structure amidst other financial instruments.




Customer Support

₹2400 Cr+

Annual Turnover

₹1000 Cr+

In KIIFB Bonds

KIIFB (Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board)

Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) was established as the principal funding arm of the Government of Kerala on 11-11-1999 by the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Act 1999 (Act 4 of 2000). The objective of KIIFB is to channelize funds for critical and large public infrastructure projects in Kerala. Comprehensive modifications to the Act have been enacted through Kerala Infrastructure Investment (Amendment) Act, 2016. With the expanded scope and structure provided under the amended Act, KIIFB is now mobilising and channelling funds for facilitating planned, hassle-free and sustainable development of both physical and social infrastructure including major land acquisition needs that are integral to the development ensuring all-round wellbeing and prosperity, using financial instruments approved by Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Sri. K. Varadarajan

Office No: (0487) 2332329

Dr. Sanil SK
Managing Director

Office No: (0487) 2332222

Sri. K.Inbasekhar IAS
IG Of Registration
Smt. Sini J Shukoor
Director Addtional Secretary , Taxex (H) Department
Smt. Preetha BS
Director Additional Secretary Finance Department
Adv. M.C.Raghavan
Adv. U.P.Joseph
Adv. Govindan Pallikkappil
Sri. R.Mohammed sha
Sarath chandran S
General Manager Finance – Finance Department

Office No: 0487-2339955

Mobile No: 9447794000

Pramodan A
Deputy General Manager – Revenue Recovery Department

Office No: 0487-2332255

Mobile No: 9447798004

Sujatha MT
Deputy General Manager (I/C) – P&HR Department

Office No: 0487-2337711

Mobile No: 9447122226

NIsha A.B
Asst General Manager- Information Technology

Office No: 0487-2332255

Mobile No: 9447797858

Prasantha Kumar PK
Assistant General Manager
Digital Business Centre

Office No: 0471-2333706

Mobile No: 9447791122

Krishnendu Sureshkumar
Assistant General Manager Legal Department

Office No: (0487) 2332255

Mobile No: 9447798004

Ganesan P
Asst general Manager – Planning Department

Office No: 0487-2332255

Mobile No: 9447798028

Raju R
Assistant General Manager – Business Department

Office No: 0487-2332255

Mobile No: 9447796000

Kunhikannan H
Asst General Manager (I/C) - General Administration Department

Office No: 0487-2332255

Mobile No: 9447796400

Emil Alex
Company Secretary

Office No: 0487-2332255

Mobile No: 94477944400


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