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Registration & KYC

  • How can I join KSFE – Pravasi Chits?
    • Unlike KSFE's existing traditional chit system, an “online portal” has been exclusively developed for Pravasi Chits. You can visit the KSFE Pravasi Chit web portal or Mobile application and register by providing your basic information. You will receive a username and password you can login using these credentials and complete the process.

  • What is NORKA?
    • NORKA or Non Resident Keralite’s Affairs is a department of the Government of Kerala established to redress the grievances of non-Keralites both in India and abroad and to have a sustainable partnership with them.

  • Is NORKA registration mandatory for joining the chits? How can I register in NORKA?
    • Yes, NORKA ID is mandatory to join KSFE Pravasi Chits. You can register in NORKA using the link given on our Customer Registration page 

  • Is there any age limit for joining the chits?
    • Yes, NRI‘s within the age limit of 18-55 only can join Pravasi chits.

  • What is KYC?
    • KYC or Know your Customer is a mandatory verification process the customer has to undergo to subscribe KSFE Pravasi Chits. 

  • What are the documents required for completing KYC?
    • Passport, Visa, Photo, National ID of the residing Country, PAN, Cancelled cheque

  • What are the available KYC options?
    • 1.Direct KYC a.With  E-KYC b.Without E-KYC

  • What is E-KYC ?
    • The E-KYC option allows the customer to complete the KYC using AADHAR. The Customer should enter the AADHAR number and generate an OTP and upload the required documents, for verification, thereafter

  • What is Direct KYC without E-KYC?
    • This option allows the customer to upload the required documents directly for verification.

  • What is KYC discrepancy?
    • If the information you have entered and the document you have uploaded do not match the KSFE virtual branch will mark your KYC file as discrepant. You will receive an email or SMS asking you to re-upload the concerned document.